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About Us

Our founder, Madame Mary Volino, a San Antonio brothel owner, experienced a life-changing conversion in 1895 and turned her brothel into a rescue mission for young women who were pregnant and not married. Methodist Mission Home became one of the first adoption agencies in the state of Texas and throughout our history have placed more than 6,000 babies in forever homes.

In 1976, we expanded our services by offering work and independent living training to young adults who were deaf, and later added residential services to young adults with various disabilities. After changing our name to Providence Place, we added the Volino Center for Women, Children and Families to our services, which provides assistance to parents of children under three and expands our existing adoption services to include foster care (DFPS) adoption and foster care replacement.

In 2019, we opened My Mariposa Home, a transitional residential program with the capacity to serve 20 women and children who have been impacted by trafficking, sexual or domestic violence.


Adoption is a gift of life, love & hope.

“Ending the cycle of generational trauma through innovative services.”

Our Campus

We provide services on a 25-acre campus located in the medical center area of San Antonio. We also have partner agencies that rent space from us and we are constantly striving to serve the community in unique and comprehensive ways.

Our Unique Place

Providence Place is a unique non-profit that has been in existence since 1895. We create a place where people are accepted and provided with support to transform their personal story. Our unique programs assist:

  • Oasis Home Transitional Housing Programs.

  • Women facing an unplanned pregnancy prenatal, adoption, planning and child and family development education.

  • Parenting and family development classes for families with children under the age of three.

  • Women who are survivors of human trafficking, sexual or domestic violence with or without children under the age of three through our residential My Mariposa Home.



Providence Place is a licensed child placement agency in San Antonio, TX. In addition, we are a unique 501(c)3 non-profit that provides multi-purpose programming to survivors of complex trauma, expectant mothers, families with children under the age of three and youth in foster care. All donations are tax deductible. EIN # 74-1168923


326 Sterling Browning Road

Hollywood Park, Texas 78232

      (210) 696-2410



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