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Parenting With A Purpose

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Services Offered

  • Parenting classes.

  • Case management.

  • Life Skills.

  • Counseling.

  • Referrals to community partners.

  • Material Assistance: diapers, formula, wipes, children’s clothes, children’s accessories, maternity clothing, toiletries.

Beth’s Blessings Boutique

Parents who participate in our services earn “Blessings Bucks” to shop at our on campus store called the Blessings Boutique. Parents earn $10 of blessing bucks for each hour of services. They can accumulate bucks to buy new baby clothes, strollers, high chairs, and cribs. We want to encourage our parents to take advantage of all of our services until their child is three years old.


The following clients are eligible for our Parenting with a Purpose program:

  • Pregnant mother.

  • Biological father of unborn child.

  • Biological parents (mother or father) of a child under 36 months old.

  • Adoptive parent who is matched with an unborn child.

  • Adoptive parent of a child under 36 months old.

  • Legal guardian or adult caregiver of a child under 36 months old.

  • A parent who has lost a child in the past 90 days due to miscarriage, infant death, or to adoption placement.

  • A parent or legal guardian of a minor who is pregnant and also receiving services. 



Providence Place is a licensed child placement agency in San Antonio, TX. In addition, we are a unique 501(c)3 non-profit that provides multi-purpose programming to survivors of complex trauma, expectant mothers, families with children under the age of three and youth in foster care. All donations are tax deductible. EIN # 74-1168923


326 Sterling Browning Road

Hollywood Park, Texas 78232

      (210) 696-2410



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