Since 1895, Providence Place has brought new hope and happiness to couples wanting a child of their own.

Adopting Families

Adoption is a gift of life, love and hope.

We believe adoption is a powerful option, a courageous choice and a selfless act of love.

Every day, we see families and expectant mothers reach a decision together that will change so many lives in so many ways, providing security, stability and brighter futures for everyone involved.

Providence Place is a licensed child-placement agency in San Antonio, Texas and our adoption services are available to couples wanting to expand their family in the state of Texas. Our experienced adoption counselors are committed to helping adoptive families — like you — fulfill their dream of parenthood and find the best approach to adoption for their family. We believe each adoption is unique; our counselors will adapt to your family’s needs.

We offer several options for families interested in adoption:

  • Infant adoption: Our infant domestic adoption program helps provide permanent homes and loving families for children born in the United States. We are a leader in open adoption in Texas and believe it’s the healthiest option for everyone involved.
  • Older child adoption: Our older-child adoption program developed out of the belief that all children, whether they are older, or part of a sibling group deserve a home and a supportive, loving family.
  • International adoptionOur international adoption program offers the exciting opportunity to bring together two different cultures. Through our collaboration with several different international agencies, you can engage in international adoption in a number of different countries, including China, Mexico and Uganda, among others.
  • Embryo AdoptionOur embryo adoption program gives you the opportunity to carry and give birth to your adopted child. We’ll provide the mandatory home study and guide you through the steps of this new exciting advanced-technology adoption method.

You can count on professional guidance and compassionate support as we work with you. We believe adoption is a powerful option, a courageous choice and a selfless act of love.



Regardless of the type of adoption you decide to pursue, we will guide and support you along the way. We want you, as an adoptive family, to feel supported through all the required paperwork, creation of an adoption profile, and will help you deal with the ups and downs of the adoption process, as well as assisting in any post-adoption challenges.

Our counselors care about your desire to grow your family and understand your challenges and fears. You can count on our professional guidance, our understanding of the issues, and our steady support as we work together to bring your child home.

Adoption is a gift of life, love and hope.

Action Adoption at Providence Place has helped create close to 6,000 families through adoption.