Expectant Mothers

Pregnant? Where do you go from here? You have some choices.
We’re here to talk about these options with you.
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Adopting Families

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Today, there are many options for families who want to adopt. Whether it’s an infant, older child or whether you’re interested in international or embryo adoption, we’re here to help.

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Post-Adoption Services

The adoption process does not end when the paperwork is finalized. Adoption is a lifelong process. Adoptees often raise questions that parents may not be able to answer and Providence Place provides post-adoption services to help families understand and navigate this ongoing process.

  • Match database registry
  • Search medical/genetic information and communication/reunion
  • Document request
  • Communication & information exchange

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Adoption is a gift of life, love and hope.

Action Adoption at Providence Place has helped create close to 6,000 families through adoption.