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Eligibility Requirements 

Providence Place accepts females between the ages of 18 and 21. We have spaces for females who are pregnant or have newborns or children up to 1 year old. This program is voluntary and offers young adults opportunities to continue foster care placement and facilitate transition to independence.
Young adults admitted to the program will learn life skills and are allowed to meet their needs with limited guidance and assistance from the Independent Living Case Manager.


To be eligible for the program, young adults must:

  • Regularly attending high school or be enrolled in a program leading toward a high school diploma or Generalized Educational Development (GED); or

  • Regularly attending an institution of higher education or a post-secondary vocational or technical program; or

  • Actively participate in a program or activity that promotes, or removes barriers to employments; or

  • Be employed for at least 80 hours per month.

Program participants must be able to verify enrollment and/or employment at the request of the Independent Living Case Manager.

In addition to the above aforementioned, program participants must:

  • Demonstrate the maturity to make personal medical decisions and manage their medications independently; and

  • Demonstrate the ability to achieve activities for daily living such as eating, bathing, clothing, and toileting; and

  • Be free from any violent criminal history; and

  • Demonstrate the ability to live in a shared apartment with individuals of various backgrounds, cultures, socioeconomic status, and sexual orientation; and

  • Not have any self-harming incidents within the past 12 months; and

  • Not have any psychiatric hospitalizations within the past 6 months; and

  • Be free from any history of sexual perpetration.

Group Hug

Our Facility

Our facility is located on the Providence Place campus. We have apartment units where program participants would share a living space with roommates. Each participant does get their own room that is able to be locked for privacy.The exterior of the facility is monitored with cameras 24/7 for the safety of our residents. There is a laundry facility on site as well as a swimming pool. There is a common area where residents can utilize computers, host movie nights, or gather for fellowship.

A resident may have their own car on campus. There is parking directly in front of the facility

Program Participant Responsibilities

Program participants must:


  • Abide by the Voluntary Extended Foster Care Agreement;

  • Meet with the Independent Living Case Manager at least twice per month to develop and monitor their case plan;

  • Meet with the Therapist at least twice per month to monitor overall mental and emotional well-being;

  • If the participant has an established therapist outside of Providence Place, that relationship will not be disrupted. Providence Place will seek Consent to Release so that Providence Place can communicate with the therapist for the purposes of service planning.

  • Continue enrollment of Preparation for Adult Living (PAL), vocational school, or other educational institution as stated in the Voluntary Extended Foster Care Agreement and provide notice of any change to DFPS and Independent Living Case Manager;

  • Attend all required PAL classes or activities;

  • Cooperate with DFPS and Providence Place staff with regards to asset disclosure, employment, and educational enrollment to determine program eligibility;

  • Follow the rules of the program as outlined during the interview and orientation;

  • Obtain visitor approval from the Independent Living Case Manager;

  • Maintain an acceptable level of cleanliness (as indicated on the housing checklist) of their living arrangements and agree to random inspections by the Independent Living Case Manager;

  • Be free from any illegal substances and agree to cooperate with any randomized drug testing requests;

  • Treat all Providence Place residents, program participants, and staff (regardless of program affiliation) with dignity and respect;

  • Contact the Providence Place Adoption On-Call number in the event of an emergency, incident, or medical concern; and

  • Maintain contact with your DFPS Caseworker on a regular basis as requested by DFPS and meet assigned DFPS Caseworker on a monthly basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get to pick my roommate?

In an ideal situation, that would be great! Providence Place wants to foster friendships and connections for young adults as long as it is in the best interest of everyone and there is space available in the same unit.

What is the campus close to?

Providence Place is located within a convenient distance to the Medical Center.

Can I have pets?

Unfortunately, there are no pets allowed at the facility.

Can I have visitors at the housing facility?

Yes. Providence Place does have strict rules and guideline for visitors which must be upheld for the safety of all campus residents. These are reviewed at the interview and again at admission.

Can I smoke?

Providence Place is a no-smoking campus. Residents who smoke may do so off campus. We also do not allow alcohol on our campus.

Do I have a curfew?

We do not have a curfew in place for residents. We are sensitive to work schedules and activities of daily life. There is a strict policy regarding visitors and visiting hours.


Providence Place is a licensed child placement agency in San Antonio, TX. In addition, we are a unique 501(c)3 non-profit that provides multi-purpose programming to survivors of complex trauma, expectant mothers, families with children under the age of three and youth in foster care. All donations are tax deductible. EIN # 74-1168923


6487 Whitby Road

San Antonio, Texas 78240

      (210) 696-2410



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