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  • Lisa Harrison

Making a Difference in San Antonio

Presented by the PM Group, Published in the San Antonio Express-News 9/5/2021

By Lisa Harrison, Express News Staff Writer

Since its doors opened more than a century ago, Providence Place has served as a safe haven for thousands of women and children in crisis. Over the years, the faith-based nonprofit has provided women – many of them abuse survivors – with shelter and services needed to transform their lives. Providence Place is a unique organization with a unique history. It was founded in 1895 by Madame Volino, a brothel owner in downtown San Antonio. A street revivalist’s message turned out to be life changing for Volino, so much so that she decided to turn her brothel into a rescue mission for vulnerable young girls and women. Back then, it was called a home for wayward girls, and eventually, its mission would include caring for unwed mothers and arranging adoptions.

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