When Is Adoption An Option?

Adoption plays an important part in the lives of everyone involved in the adoption process from the birth mother to the adoptive parents and, of course, the adopted child. Adoption also has a vital role to play in society, as well. Adoption gives pregnant women who are not yet ready to take on the responsibilities of parenthood an option to help their child. It gives couples who are ready to expand their family with the addition of a new son or daughter an alternative way to do so. And, most importantly, adoption gives babies and children waiting to be adopted a chance at a new life in a loving family.

adoptive family

The adoption process can be time consuming and prospective couples may face obstacles along the way, but in the end the opportunity to welcome a new bundle of joy into your heart makes the whole adoption process well worthwhile.

Domestic Adoption Process

Couples considering domestic adoption have a few choices when it comes to where to go. There are public adoption centers, private licensed adoption agencies, personal adoption facilitators among others. No matter where a couple decides to seek counsel, it is important to choose a trusted adoption agency that will help you through the adoption process.

Before a couple can complete a domestic adoption, they will have to go through the adoption application process, which will include a home study, paperwork, attending an adoption readiness seminar and payment. Throughout this process, the adoption agency will be looking to make sure the hopeful couple is ready for the responsibility and expenses that come with raising a child. The same is true whether a couple chooses infant domestic adoption or older child domestic adoption. This process may seem daunting, but it is all done to ensure the safety of the child, and to help the parents prepare themselves for their new life.

Once the couple has completed the required steps, they are ready to adopt. There is no set waiting time for this part of the process, as the couple typically has to wait for a birth mother to choose them. When they are chosen, the adoptive couple is finally united with their new son or daughter. There is often a post-adoption supervision period, in which the adoption agency staff checks in to ensure everything is going well for the new family. Afterwards, the adoption is complete and the new family can begin their new life together in a loving, safe environment.

Adopting a child is an important decision that requires careful consideration. Are you contemplating adoption, or are you already planning to adopt a child? Do you have any idea about how or where to start? Providence Place will guide you through the adoption process while making sure all your questions are answered. Contact us today to learn more about adoption.

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