Project Description: Monthly maintenance, add new mulch , pull weeds and mow grass behind CHI dorm.

Where: Providence Place

When: Weekdays or weekends 9am—3pm

Estimated completion time: 3 days

Who: small groups or individuals

Age requirement: 12 years and up

Dress code: For safety concerns all volunteers must wear close-toed shoes (no sandals or flip flops). During warmer weather, we recommend wearing sunscreen, light-colored clothing that will reflect the sun’s heat, wide brimmed hats to protect your face, head and neck from the sun’s damaging rays. For colder weather it’s recommended to wear layered clothing, jackets or parkas that are wind and water resistant and insulated gloves.

Tools/Equipment/Materials: Shovel, rake, hoe, gardening gloves, broom, mulch, lawn mower, new soil

Project Photos:

CHI Dorm 1 CHI Dorm 2 CHI Dorm 3 CHI Dorm 4 CHI Dorm 5 CHI Dorm 6

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