The Wait Before the Adoption

After a family has completed the adoption process and are waiting on the arrival of their new son or daughter, the last stretch of waiting can be brutal. They will want the baby to be in their arms immediately, not at some point in the future. For parents, this wait can be seemingly endless.

So what can adoptive parents do while waiting for their child to come home? Parents actually have many responsibilities to take care of before welcoming home their adopted child. Some are necessary to keep the baby or child healthy and safe, while others will help prepare parents for the journey ahead.

Personal and Financial Responsibilities

While being a parent is a rewarding experience, it also means taking on the role of caretaker and provider for another human being. Your child, for instance, will need to be included in your insurance plan, and you will need to choose a pediatrician to make sure your child is healthy.

If you are adopting an older child, you will also need to enroll him or her in the appropriate school. Having these matters addressed before your son or daughter comes home will make things easier when the time comes for your child to get vaccinations or go to school.

Parenthood Research

New parents eagerly awaiting their new family member should invest some time in researching and learning about what it takes to be a good parent. Many websites feature forums, articles, and tips on parenting situations and scenarios in addition to countless books on the subject. For adoptive parents, the adoption agency is also a great resource.

Adoption counselors and experts know the particular challenges adoptive couple face. They may also host adoption events where other adoptive families share their experiences and stories, which can offer great insight into what adoptive parents can expect. While no book or story can truly prepare you to become a parent, learning about the experiences and suggestions of other parents will certainly empower you to make better and more informed decisions about raising your child.

Child Affairs

Depending on how old your son or daughter is, you will need to make sure certain affairs are in order before the child is in your home. For starters, if you adopt an infant or newborn, then a name will need to be selected. Some parents already have a good idea of what they want to name their child, while others have a multitude of choices and cannot decide on which one to use. Coming up with a list of names early on will help avoid any potential headaches.

The house will also need to be adjusted for the new child. Parents need to get the child’s room ready, which means buying a crib or bed, buying clothes, vital supplies like diapers and bottles, and less vital supplies like toys and stuffed animals. Having a bright, welcoming room of their very own will help make the transition to the new home easier for the child.

There are actually a great deal of things that can be done while waiting for the adoption to fully go through. While the wait can be difficult and enduring, preparing for the arrival of your new family member will make things much easier when he or she finally comes home.

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