Updates On the Ross’ Adoption Story


RosscA year ago, we shared the Ross’ story of adopting Leland.

Owen Ross, pastor at the Christ’s Foundry United Methodist Mission in Dallas, always wanted to adopt, even as a single man. When he and Xóchitl married, adoption seemed a natural choice and they adopted Leland from Providence Place.

They started the adoption process in December 2012. After much anticipation, they travelled to San Antonio in February 2014 for Leland’s birth. After attending Leland’s birth and learning –the same day– that they were pregnant, the Rosses received a phone call with the news that unforeseeable complications in the adoption process would prevent them from taking Leland home with them and that his future placement was uncertain. Because of the wishes of the birth mother and because of Providence Place’s analysis of the case, Providence Place went to trial to fight for the adoption and won.

Since our last article, Providence Place made multiple post-placement visits. Leland is an easy child and adapted very fast to his home. He continues to be a very happy child who smiles all the time.

In October, Leland became a big brother! Larkin was born eight months and 11 days after Leland and they share a special bond.

“They have the same initials –LMR,” said Owen. “It gives them a sense of togetherness, representing a bond of family. Also, it will become very practical when they’ll go to camp and share clothes!”

When Larkin and Xóchitl came home from the Ross 2bhospital, Leland displayed small temper tantrums “It was pretty frustrating but we knew it’s a common struggle many parents encounter when a new sibling joins the family. Leland is a great big brother now. It’s great to see them playing and learning together” Owen said.

Every morning, Owen takes Xóchitl, Leland and Larkin to Preston Hollow United Methodist Church at the Child Development Center. Xóchitl is a teacher in the two-year olds’ classroom. She can see her children each day as they are in a class across the hall. She loves being able to hear them and to be so close to them.

Leland and Larkin are typical siblings; they fight, cuddle and play together. To see them together is a wonderful reward for Xóchitl and Owen at the end of an emotional and complicated journey. Providence Place is honored to be part of their family journey.


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