‘Tis the Season: Adoption and the Holidays

Even though November, National Adoption Awareness Month, is over, the holiday season has just started, and being around family and friends makes us reflect upon and appreciate the people we love. While we celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza and the New Year, we are also reminded of those who have to spend the holidays alone. This time of year may be especially difficult for children waiting to be adopted by a loving adoptive family.

Family provides us with the strength and encouragement to pursue our dreams and achieve our goals. Being around our loved ones during the holidays reminds us of the support and love we get from family. We try and find the greatest gift to give someone we care about, a gift that will express how we feel or show our level of devotion for that person. This year, consider giving one of the millions of children waiting to be adopted in America the opportunity to be a part of your family. Adoption is truly “the gift that keeps on giving.

Adopting a child or baby is the only way to decrease the growing number of children awaiting homes. For couples considering their first child, or families already blessed with children, adoption is another way to experience unbridled love by expanding the family. Adopting a child is a big decision, so potential adoptive couples or families should consult a local adoption agency or organization to learn more about the adoption process.

December is a time for families across the US to reflect and be thankful for what they have and the opportunities to make their lives even better; adopting a child will enrich the lives of the parents and child.

While those of us with close-knit families gather together a few times a year, a child awaiting adoption may have never experienced these notions of family, home and togetherness. Sometimes, we take family for granted forgetting that our parents’ and siblings’ care for us is unwavering and unconditional. Imagining a life without a family is nearly impossible because of the guidance and support they give us, and the love they bestow upon us. This holiday season, consider enriching your family life through adoption and bring the gift of family to a child.

Adopting a child is an important decision that requires much careful consideration. Are you contemplating adoption or are you already planning to adopt a child? Do you have any idea about how or where to start? Providence Place will guide you through the adoption process while making sure all your questions are. Providence Place offers adoption services for birth mothers, birth fathers, adoptive families for children, and adoptees. They also provide supportive services, post adoption services, and much more. Providence Place is a national leader in open adoptions. Visit provplace.org today to learn more about adopting a child.

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