The Wilder Family- A Miracle of Selfless Love (Action Adoption)

adoption selfless love Texas“I really believe our two children and how we came to be a family is truly a miracle,” adoptive father, Gerard Wilder, said, smiling softly with a look of assurance.

After two years of marriage, native New Yorkers Gerard and Denise Wilder found out crushing news – they would not be able to have children of their own. Heartbroken, the couple searched for an answer to their prayers.

“The year we were married, I was transferred to Dallas, Texas,” Gerard said, “and after much research and prayer, we discovered Methodist Mission Home a few years later.”

One day in March, 1981, the Wilders decided to attend an MMH adoption information seminar in Dallas. Instantaneously connecting with the MMH mission and values, they said they realized this was why God had brought them to Texas. They knew in their hearts that this was their destined journey to building a family.

It was not long before they received a call from their adoption counselor about being chosen to parent a baby boy. “Our prayers had been answered and even though it was a little time before we adopted our first child, Logan, it was well worth the wait,” Denise said.

“Three weeks after he was born we were able to bring him home,” she said. “We knew he was meant for us the second we saw him.”

Two years later, they went through the process again and soon heard the news of a baby girl and a mother who wanted them to parent her baby.

“We were ecstatic!” she remembered.

In July 1991, three months after their daughter, Lara, was born, the Wilder foursome was together and under the same roof for the first time as a family.

It’s now been 23 years and the Wilder family remains eternally grateful for the difficult and selfless decision Logan and Lara’s birthmothers made, enabling them to build their happy and loving family.

Having recently completed her basic training, Lara, 20, is proud to serve as a member of the National Guard, and college is just down the road for her. Logan, 23, has a bright future ahead of him, working and living close to Denise and Gerard.

“Since the day they came into our lives,” Gerard said, “we have felt we couldn’t love them more if they were our own children. Every day that passes makes us prouder of both of them.”

Their faith in God, makes them believe they were meant to come to Methodist Mission Home and meet their children’s birthmothers who are very much still a part of their lives.

“It was His plan all along,” said Gerard. “He wanted to create something beautiful. He wanted to create a miracle through selfless love and that’s exactly what happened.”

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