The Lucero Family: The Joyous Blessing of Baby Emory (Action Adoption)

The Joyous Blessing of Baby Emory (Action Adoption)

“Emry became the 15-minute time thief, or that’s what I like to call her now,” Eric Lucero said recently, laughing as he described the huge difference their adopted daughter has made in he and his wife, Melanie’s life. “It takes 15 minutes extra for everything we do now.” Continuing the conversation with a smile, he shared how their new baby has them in a state of disbelief that she is there, happy and healthy in their home.

Eric and Melanie Lucero had always dreamed of having a family but after five years of marriage, they decided last October to adopt. They felt adoption would allow them to share their love with a child in need of a family.

“We weren’t sure how to begin the process but we knew we wanted to, so we did a Google search and found Methodist Mission Home,” said Melanie.

When they called for more information, they found Adoption Services Director Helen Huff on the other end of the line. She assured them that once they were ready to become a part of the program, MMH would be happy to help build their family.

“We filled out our adoption application and then everything happened so fast. We had our home study scheduled and soon after were interviewed by a birthmother,” said Eric.

In the end, the birthmother they met chose to parent her baby herself. Despite the disappointment, the Lucero’s were left feeling better prepared about the adoption process. They supported each other and worked with their adoption counselor, Melissa Bueno, quite certain there was a baby out for them.

It was just a month later that Melissa called them about a couple, a birthmother and a birthfather from San Marcos, who had read their family profile and wanted to meet with them.

“She told us the birthmother was due soon,” Eric remembered. “So I asked her how soon, and she said in about seven days and I was like, ‘Wow that is soon!”
“We met with both birthparents the next day, which is rare for adoption,” Melanie said. It’s usually just the birthmother in the picture so we felt our situation was special because of that. We got along with them great and it was wonderful to get their blessing.”Considering the possibility of becoming parents in less than a week, Melanie and Eric were filled with cautious excitement.

The Lucero’s strong desire to have a family and their love for each other was clearly apparent to the birthparents, confirming their choice for the Lucero’s to be parents of their child.

The next surprise was a call from the birthmother telling them she was going into labor. Melanie drove up to San Marcos the next day just in time to welcome their new baby girl, Emry, into the world.

She recalled her feelings when she held her daughter in her arms for the first time; “I was quite overwhelmed with emotion and I was so happy,” Melanie marveled. “It’s amazing how quickly you can love someone so much.”

The following day, Eric arrived in San Marcos and the new Lucero family was together for the first time.

“I am very thankful to Emry’s birthparents for being so brave and blessing us with our baby girl,” Eric said, relating his own experience as a new parent. “We know it was such a big decision and we couldn’t love Emry any more if she were our own.” After bringing her home a few days later, their lives had completely changed but they didn’t mind one bit.

With so much joy in their lives, Eric and Melanie know baby Emry will only continue to add happiness every day.  With an open adoption agreement with her birthparents, Emry is a very loved child.

“What’s better than having two set of parents?” Eric asked and his wife agreed with a huge smile on her face as he continued, “When we think about it, we couldn’t be happier with the way things worked out for our daughter. It’s everything we could want for her, and more.”

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