The Importance of Post Adoption Services

Adoption is a lifelong process for the adoptee and the adopting family. While paperwork and processing may take only a matter of months to complete, life after adoption placement involves an even more dedicated commitment from the new family. Instances where adoption affects families long after placement may include a family medical background check or maybe the birth mother wants to reconnect with her child years later. Post adoption procedures and services are abundant and an essential part of a healthy, happy transition.

The health and welfare of the child is the top priority of post adoption services. It is completely possible for an adopted child to be prepared and informed about any challenges that he or she may face in the transition of adoption. Certain events in a child’s life, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and the transitional teenage years, may fuel a need in the child to connect with his or her birth mother. As an adopting family, it is important to understand that a child can have a healthy connection to their birth mother and, so long as it is a positive and mutually beneficial relationship.

Post adoption services for families still adjusting to adoption are encouraged, if not mandatory, to maintain a stable, supportive environment for the child to feel comfortable and eventually thrive. There are many online support groups for adopting families, but visiting a counselor or psychologist can also assist families in gaining a better understanding of the effects of adoption. There is also a wide variety of literature and a multitude websites addressing different questions an adopting family or birth mother may have about the adoption process.

Providence Place offers Post Adoption Services (PAS), which address concerns such as reconnecting a birth mother with her child or assisting families with a medical background check of the child’s birth parents if the need should arise. Providence Place is readily available to provide post adoption services for families who have adopted a child through their adoption organization services. For families who have used a different adoption center to find a child, the post adoption services staff at Providence Place is happy to provide advice and referrals

The resources available for families who have adopted a child are plentiful and incredibly useful. The more that families, adoptees, and birth mothers understand about life after adoption and how essential it is to maintain healthy relationships, the more complete care, love, and attention the child can receive. Adoption, just like love, is a lifelong process.


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