The Chucci Family: Their Perfect Gift (Action Adoption)

The Chucci Family: Their Perfect Gift (Action Adoption)It was just over a month ago now, on November 2, that Kerri and Keith Chucci finalized the adoption of their baby son, Jack.

“It was love at first sight,” Kerri smiled, thinking back to April 30, 2012, the day Jack

was born. “He has the biggest blue eyes you’ve ever seen, and he’s now quite the flirt

with the ladies.”

Married five years, the couple always knew they wanted to adopt children, but fate would make this happen sooner than expected due to their infertility diagnosis. And what a memorable journey it was.

They spoke to their pastor one day about their difficulties, and he arranged for them to meet with a couple who had adopted through Methodist Mission Home (MMH) four years earlier.

“We became great friends with them and they helped us so much throughout the process,” Keith said. “Knowing we had someone to turn to made all the difference.”

After researching some other Texas adoption agencies, the Chuccis decided on Methodist Mission Home because of their friends’ experience adopting there.

“We filled out the adoption application in August, 2011 and out of it came the opportunity for Keith and me to hear some of the most touching recommendations our friends wrote for us,” Kerri said.

With all the financial and emotional support they had from both friends and family, they knew any baby God brought into their lives would be loved by them and their entire extended family.

In October, the Chuccis completed their home study and four months later they received the call that would change their lives.

Melissa Bueno, their MMH adoption counselor, called with news of a young birthmother named Emily who was in jail. She had also been adopted from MMH and was considering them to parent her baby.

After some coordination, Kerri and Keith were able to arrange their first visit with her. Although they were both nervous at first, Emily made them feel very comfortable and, despite their conversation behind bulletproof glass, they were officially matched as her adoptive family that day.

They kept in contact by letter throughout her pregnancy, and found they got to know her more deeply through writing.

By the time Emily’s 40th week had come and gone, Kerri and Keith were anxiously waiting, knowing she would go into labor any moment. They were packed and ready to jump in the car as soon they received word.

“I remember it very clearly. We got the call from Melissa on a Monday morning and we took off immediately,” said Kerri. “That was the longest drive of our life and we made it to Round Rock just after she gave birth.”

Although they were not able to see Emily when they met their son for the first time, they knew their dreams had come true and they were truly grateful for what she had done for their family.

“I can’t imagine life without Jack,” Kerri said. “He has made our family complete.”

Now seven months old, their son is a happy child and better yet, his cheerful ways have inspired Emily to seek out her own birthmother, realizing finally that adoption is a choice made from love.

“We hope to meet up with Emily in January and want her and Jack to have a great and open relationship,” said Kerri, “and that’s because there is no such thing as too many people to love a child.”

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