The Adoption Process in the US: How Is Adoption Done?

You may have heard a lot of happy adoption stories from parents and families who opened their home to an adopted child. The adoption process shared by families is very inspiring. If you are someone who plans to adopt a child, below is the step-by-step process you should be aware of, in order to experience a successful adoption.

It is important to note that adoption is a unique privilege, and not a “right”. Therefore, your eligibility for adoption is subject to the determination of the state. As you decide to pursue adoption, getting in touch with your local adoption agency and attending an orientation meeting about adoption is your best first step. Attending this adoption orientation should give you a more comprehensive knowledge about the adoption process, and adoption in general.

Step 1: Application. As soon as you decide to go for adoption, the first step will be filing your adoption application. Along with this application, you will be required to undergo further orientations, seminars, and trainings related to your preparation for adoption. This is a mandatory step and takes place at adoption information centers and other venues involved in the process.

Step 2: Case Study. After having successfully filed your application and completed the requirements attached to it, you will then be subject to a case study by your assigned caseworker. The purpose of this case study is to determine whether you are ready to adopt.

Step 3: Approval. Approval follows your case study if you have been determined to be fit to adopt. The case study involves background checks and a home study, and the results of these will be considered in the approval process.

Step 4: Matching and Preparation. Following your approval for adoption is the matching and preparation stage, where you will be paired with a child of whose needs you are likely to be able to provide. This process may involve evaluation from the birth mothers, as they review each adoptive family profile and consider a good possible match for the baby.

Step 5: Placement and Adoption. Finally, a child from a center for adoption or other adoption agency will be placed in your custody, still subject to the legalities to finalize your adoption.

Step 6: Legalizing Adoption. The last step in adoption is formalizing your adoption by complying with the requirements outlined in your adoption agreement, in order to legalize your adoption of that child.  This final step usually takes 6 months to a year after the child is first adopted by you.  Adoption cost can range from $5,000 to 40,000, depending on a number of factors involved in the adoption.

Being an adoptive parent is a priceless feeling, and not all are given the chance to have this kind of experience.  The process does take time, cooperation and patience.  Nevertheless, adopting is worth the time and effort for loving parents who want to expand the horizons of a child.

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