“Melissa seemed nicer and explained things better than anyone we had spoken to from other agencies. The next thing I knew, Helen was in Round Rock explain to me what was going to happen next, and I came down to MMH (Providence Place) a week later.”

– Jaime, Birth Mother

“I see them every chance that I can and they see me every chance that they can. The family I chose is amazing. I’m really happy with my decision.”

– Shelby, Birth Mother

“I was with them until five minutes before Kara was born, then they called me back in, and there she was. I was the first to hold her and I remember her head was bobbing everywhere.”

– Sharon Wheeler, reminiscing about her joy at her adopted daughter’s birth, when she brought Kara, now 10, to see Providence Place

“I knew I couldn’t raise a child, but I wanted to give my baby the same chance at a better life Susan gave me, and I knew it would happen here for my daughter, as well.”

– Elizabeth, who found a perfect family for her daughter, Betsy, and who years earlier had herself been placed for adoption by her birth mother, Susan.

“You can’t just look at life like it’s nothing. You have to have a positive attitude. You have to want a better life and CHI taught me that.”

– Kathy Biggs, Lomeda, Texas

“Birth mothers do what is best for their babies. It’s a very unselfish act to know you want something better than yourself for your child. They truly show their love by placing their babies.”

– Denise Holgado, with husband, David, and son, Sam, adopted a second child, Angel Grace.

“I am so thankful to Emory’s birth parents for being so brave and blessing us with our baby girl. We know it was such a big decision and we couldn’t love Emory any more if she were our own.”

– Eric Lucero, who with his wife Melanie, adopted their son from Providence Place

“Gradually, I started learning the skills I needed to get along and communicate better with others. Asperger’s has made it difficult for me to make friends, but now I have many lifelong friends here.”

– Zeb Parsons, San Antonio, Texas

“We hope to meet up with Emily in January and want her and Jack to have a great and open relationship, and that’s because there is no such thing as too many people to love a child.”

– Kerri Chucci, who adopted her son, Jack, from Providence Place

“If you have somebody telling you what to do for the rest of your life, then what’s the point of it? You have to be able to enjoy it yourself and explore, and that’s what CHI helped me realize.”

– Oiram Alanis, McAllen, Texas

“Our counselor called and told us about a birth mother named Susan, who really wanted to meet with us. We called and met her at Denny’s that same night. Her whole family came and it was a great bonding experience.”

– Jo Lynn Bays, who adopted two baby girls from Providence Place

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