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For companies looking for hard-working employees and low-cost solutions, our Center for Higher Independence has a wide range of services that are free to employers. We encourage you to talk with our Education and Curriculum Manager, Charles Morris, about hiring people with disabilities.

Who are our students?

  • People with single or multiple disabilities
  • Single Task Workers
  • Multi-task Workers
  • People who are new to the work force or who are changing careers
  • People who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.

Vocational Assessment

Many of our students receive a vocational assessment to determine job compatibility, physical skills, and psychological abilities.

Interpreting Services for your HR Department

We offer a free interpreting service for our deaf and hard-of-hearing students during the interview, on the-job training, employee meetings, evaluations, and as a mediator for your HR department.

Ongoing Job Support

We teach our students their job duties to your required level of satisfaction, as the employer. Should problems arise during employment, we will be there to retrain and provide further assistance. Job Coaches will be available as needed until student is ready.

Weekly Evaluations

Our counselors will meet with the student and the immediate supervisor to make sure there is mutual job satisfaction. During this process, we identify task and communication problems and work to resolve them quickly.

Additional Services

Our staff can be resource for your company on:

  • Accommodation Issues
  • Safety Issues
  • Legal Rights & Responsibilities
  • Information regarding working with people with disabilities.


Charles Morris
Education Training Manager
210.696.2410, ext. 104

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