Preparing for an Adoption Home Study

For many families who are preparing to adopt, the home study may seem to be the most daunting part of the entire process. It is important to remember that the purpose of the home study is to help the adoption organization ensure that the child is placed with a loving, caring family that is capable of meeting all the child’s needs. The thought of having a social worker visit your home should not be intimidating, but considered an exciting, personalized opportunity to continue the process of education and preparedness on the way to adopting a child. Here are a few tips you can use to help you approach your home study confidently.

Have Your Paperwork In Order

The adoption process is full of paperwork, forms, letters, and references. Be sure you have completed the proper documents, composed an autobiographical statement, and contacted friends and family for potential letters of reference, as needed. Other helpful things to have on hand might include documentation of background information (employment papers or your marriage certificate) and your current financial situation.

Be Ready to Talk

You and your spouse could spend hours talking with the social worker about your lives. Topics like your relationship, finances, health, childhood, and current friends and family, are all likely to be covered in the interview process. Be prepared to answer any of these questions as a couple or on an individual basis with the social worker.

Remember – You’re On the Same Team

The Home Study seems so overwhelmingly important because you want to show that you can provide a loving and supportive home for an adopted child. The social worker is seeking the same thing – a caring, stable family to take care of a child. He or she is not there to judge you (or your housekeeping ability) or put you under a microscope, but to seek the best situation for the child. When you realize that you all want the same thing, it is much easier to work together to provide the best home possible for the adopted child.

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