Why More Parents Are Choosing Domestic Adoption Over International Adoption

The process of adopting a child can be both exciting and formidable. To lessen the anxiety, many parents are turning to domestic adoption services. While it might not be the best choice for every potential parent, it may be worth knowing why more parents are choosing domestic adoptions.


An international adoption agency will be vulnerable to many different forces, like international affairs, public health hazards from a foreign country, and changes in that government’s laws. Unfortunately, these factors have the potential to create unexpected complications and delays for hopeful parents.


Many people assume that international adoptions are more expensive than domestic adoptions. While this is often the case, it is not true for every domestic adoption.  Yet the outstanding costs associated with international adoption services are obvious: parents must travel to a potentially distant country. Also, if any complications like those already listed arise, multiple visits to the country may be needed to complete the adoption.

Biological History

Regardless of whether an infant adoption or older child adoption is being considered, the biological history of a child will play an important role in protecting her health as she grows. International adoption services usually include information about the child herself, but information about the child’s birth mother and family history is not always guaranteed. Domestic adoptions, on the other hand, usually include information about birth parents and their medical history.


Many people are partly motivated to adopt out of compassion. They see overwhelming populations of young children and infants in countries suffering economic hardship, and realize that they can help. Many international adoption agencies do offer an opportunity for parents to bring their love to a war-torn world. But children in the U.S. need loving families as well, and many children in the U.S. come from backgrounds of hardship, too. Potential parents may find that compassion for those in need plays a major role in their domestic adoption decision.

Some people also turn to international adoption because they hope to raise a multi-racial or multi-cultural family. In this case, U.S. adoption agencies also serve children with diverse cultural traditions and ethnicities.

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