Only the Best for Madelyn

adoption center storiesJaime Shaefer wasn’t supposed to be able to have children; at least that’s what her doctor had told her.  But in November 2011, she found out differently – she was unexpectedly pregnant!

At 35 years old without a steady job or place of her own, Jaime couldn’t imagine being a single parent.  Nor was abortion a consideration for her.  Her only other alternative was adoption but she wasn’t sure how to begin the process.  Knowing her sister had placed a child for adoption several years ago, she turned to her for advice.

“She understood how lost I felt and knew what I going through and advised me on where to begin.” It was through her sister that Jaime learned of Methodist Mission Home (MMH).

“My sister called MMH and spoke with Helen Huff (Adoption Services Director). Helen seemed nicer and explained things better than anyone we had spoken to from other agencies. The next thing I knew, Helen was in Round Rock explaining to me what was going to happen next and I came down to MMH a week later.”

Shortly into Jaime’s 5th month of pregnancy, she began looking through the profiles of families who were waiting to adopt.

Jaime knew the decision would be hard and wanted to make sure she chose the family who could give her child everything she could not.

“I had only read two family profiles my MMH adoption counselor showed me before I found the Cadenas and I knew instantly they were the perfect match.”

Having already adopted a baby boy from MMH in 2010, Jaime felt comforted knowing her baby would have someone to relate to.  She ultimately chose the Cadenas because they reminded her of her own parents with their military background, strong faith and loving hearts.

On May 10, Jaime gave birth to a baby girl named Madelyn.

“When the nurse first placed her in my arms, I was in utter disbelief that I was holding this human life that had been growing inside of me for the past 9 months,” Jaime shared.

Although very difficult, placing her baby in the arms of the Cadenas felt like the right thing to do and she knew it was best for both herself and baby Madelyn.

“I know I have the opportunity to stay in her life by participating in an open adoption and that makes the heartache a little easier,” Jaime shared.  In the future when Madelyn gets older, Jaime looks forward to building a relationship with her but for now she is happy with the open communication between the Cadenas and herself.

Knowing God blessed her with this miracle for a reason, she is grateful that adoption has allowed her to be a positive force in the future of her child’s health and happiness.  She is at peace knowing her baby is with the Cadena family whose dream is to have a child of their own to love.

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