Our History

In 1974, Providence Place created an innovative residential transition program for young, deaf and hard of hearing adults. This program, The Center for Higher Independence (CHI), became the premier training program for the hearing impaired in the region, serving all of Texas and surrounding states. In the mid-80’s, the program was expanded and began serving young adults with a variety of disabilities, teaching work and independent living skills. Young adults would come live with us from all over Texas for 12-18 months and would develop their independent living skills and find jobs, living away from their parents successfully for the first time in their lives.

Today, more and more emphasis is being placed on independent living options for young adults with disabilities, especially those on the Autism spectrum.

Currently we offer two multiphase housing programs: Oasis Home and Legacy Program.

Providence Place has a 44 year history of providing independent living support services.

Oasis Home Program:

Oasis Home is an 8 bed ICF (Intermediate Care Facility) for young adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Because the program is residential, the young person can come from anywhere in Texas. Our residents get a chance to live away from home in a 24/7 supervised environment, learning work and independent living skills such as shopping, cooking, money management and social skills while practicing them daily. Unlike other group homes where people may have the option for longer stays; Oasis Home is a 2-4 year transitional program to give the resident time to practice their skills and then move on to the next phase of their lives.

In order to participate in Oasis Home, a young adult must be:

  • 18 or older.
  • Receive SSI/Medicaid.
  • Qualified ICF eligible by their local authority.
  • Able to learn self-medication and transportation.
  • Able to eat, dress and do their own self-care with minimal assistance.
  • Motivated to work and live independently.