Insight into Embryo Adoption

A relatively new practice in the adoption community is embryo adoption. As in vitro fertilization becomes increasingly common for couples who experience infertility, those couples who go through a successful IVF procedure are sometimes left with a complex decision regarding what they might do with any remaining embryos.

The term “embryo adoption” has been used since the mid-1980s. Embryo adoption offers a very unique situation to adoptive parents because they are able to personally experience the wonders of pregnancy and childbirth.

The genetic parents of an embryo or pre-born child may choose to donate an embryo or multiple embryos to adopting parents. Once an embryo has been legally transferred or relinquished to adopting parents, they are the child’s birthparents by law and no additional legal processes are necessary for them to have full custody of the child.

Another unique aspect of embryo adoption is the possible existence of full genetic siblings to the adopted child, either through the successful IVF of the genetic parents, or because of the existence of multiple adopted embryos. For this reason, the potential for future communication between genetic parents and adopting parents is usually encouraged.

Methodist Mission Home partners with the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption & Donation Program of Nightlight Christian Adoptions, which has the distinction of being the first agency in the country licensed to provide for the adoption of embryos. Over the past 15 years Nightlight has completed nearly 500 embryo adoptions. Potential embryo adopting families in Texas can work with Methodist Mission Home for their embryo adoption preparation and home study. The Snowflakes program conducts all of the actual embryo adoptions and donations.

Adopting a child is an important decision that requires much careful consideration. Are you contemplating adoption or are you already planning to adopt a child? Do you have any idea about how or where to start? Methodist Mission Home has made the adoption process simpler for parents considering adoption. MMH offers adoption services for birth parents, adoptive families for children, and adoptees. They also provide other helpful services like supportive services, post adoption services, and much more. Methodist Mission Home is a national leader in open adoptions.  Visit today to learn more about adopting a child.

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