Support for Birth Mothers & Young Adults with Disabilities

When You Need Help, You Need it Now — Providence Place is Right Here 24/7

Pregnant – Now What?

Pregnant young womenIt’s important to know your options – and there may be more options than you think.

Providence Place has been helping young women facing an unexpected pregnancy since 1895. We’re fully licensed and have a long history.

We are a leader in open adoption in Texas – that means you make the choice about your adoptive family and can stay in touch with them and your child over the years. We’ve helped more than 6,000 young women since 1895.

Please, feel free to call or text us anytime at 210.421.0172 –we’re ready to help you.
You can also contact us by email at

If You’ve Dreamed of a Life of Greater Independence…

Student in wheel chairOur Center for Higher Independence, with a track record of almost 30 years, has helped thousands of young adults with disabilities gain the work and life skills to live independently.

Time from enrollment to graduation is usually 12 to 24 months and graduates can plan on holding a paying job, with the skills and confidence to live on their own with minimal assistance.

If you’d like a tour of our campus, or an enrollment application, please contact us by email, or by phone at 210.696.2410 or 844.546.8697.

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