For Women Considering Adoption

Women who are unexpectedly pregnant may face many uncertainties regarding what the future holds for themselves and for their new baby. If you are in this position, the world can seem an unfriendly and confusing place. There are so many decisions to make regarding your baby’s future and your ability to care for him or her. Many friends and family members may attempt to lend advice or otherwise guide you in your decisions, but ultimately the choices are all yours to make.

A crucial part of making decisions and plans for your child’s future is being honest with yourself about whether your circumstances allow you to parent to the best of your ability. If you are not presently able to give your baby the best possible future and opportunities, adoption is a very loving option to pursue.

There are many adoption centers and organizations that offer birth mother support services like temporary housing, private counseling, and prenatal health care. Even if you have not made a final decision about adoption, adoption agencies are available to answer questions and address any and all concerns you may have about the adoption process, the potential placement of your child with a family, and post adoption services. Adoption organizations exist to help you throughout your pregnancy as you seek the best possible future for your baby. If you decide to make an adoption plan for your baby, the adoption center will guide you through the process and help you decide which type of adoption arrangement best fits.

Making an adoption plan for your child is an important decision that requires much careful consideration. Are you contemplating adoption or are you already planning for your baby to be adopted? Do you have any idea about how or where to start? Methodist Mission Home seeks to support birth parents who are considering adoption, even if a final decision has not yet been made. There is no cost for any of MMH’s birth mother services and, if an adoption plan is made, Methodist Mission Home is available to continue assisting birth mothers long after the child has been placed with loving adoptive parents.

Providence Place offers adoption services for birth mothers, birth fathers, adoptive families for children, and adoptees. They also provide other helpful services like supportive services, post adoption services, and much more. Providence Place  is a national leader in open adoptions. Visit today to learn more about the adoption process and the birth mother services offered.


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