Domestic Adoption: Now Is the Time to Adopt Locally

International adoption has begun to plummet at an alarming pace. Because of the increasing popularity of strict new laws and more heavily enforced old ones, foster children in North Korea, Russia, Romania and some African countries have become victims of these new movements to halt US international adoptions. However, there are still many opportunities for domestic adoptions in the States, including interfamily adoptions and open adoptions. Couples who have struggled with infertility or just want to give children in need a loving home and family still have plenty of options with domestic adoption.

Across the US, there are bountiful resources for couples to pursue adoption; here in Texas are some of the leading adoption agencies in the nation. While the process and legal means to ascertain a legitimate adoption may take as long as two years, the ends surely justify and outweigh the means by which an adoptive family will welcome into their life and home a new child.

The first step, once a couple has decided to start learning about their adoption choices, is to contact an adoption agency in your area. Finding adoptive services locally to start your voyage as a prospective adoptive family can also lead you to a multitude of other resources including adoption seminars, affiliated adoption programs, and literature focused on the process of adoption. Many adoption agencies also host adoption events and invite adoptive parents and families to share their personal adoption stories with prospective adoptive couples. There is no shortage of assistance and encouragement when the adoptive family begins this rewarding journey.

An article in The New York Times, says that many adoption agencies try to reunite long-term adoptees with lost relatives after a period of time. Though stories like this are wonderful, happy occasions when they work out, this is unfortunately not a reality for most children in foster care or living in adoption homes. There are roughly 100,000 children in foster care facilities in the US awaiting adoptive families to meet and welcome them. New York, Texas, and California lead in adoption but, as a nation, we still move slow in this process, especially when one considers the high number of children that are currently in foster care. The reality is that these children are still looking for the love and support that only a parent can provide.

Sadly, the rate of children in foster care continues to rise. The only way to cause noticeable change in this ever-increasing rate is to consider making adoption a part of your life. Find a foster or adoption home and research the process of adoption. Methodist Mission Home in San Antonio, TX provides extensive adoption services for potential adoptive families to become educated and understand the incredibly enriching experience of bringing a new member into a family. No matter the reason or means you come upon adoption, considering the process is the first major step towards enriching your life and the life of a child in need.

Adopting a child is an important decision that requires much careful consideration. Are you contemplating adoption or are you already planning to adopt a child? Do you have any idea about how or where to start? Providence Place will guide you through the adoption process while making sure all your questions are. Providence Place offers adoption services for birth mothers, birth fathers, adoptive families for children, and adoptees. They also provide supportive services, post adoption services, and much more. Providence Place is a national leader in open adoptions. Visit today to learn more about adopting a child.

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