At the disability services we help young adults with disabilities gain the work, life and social skills to live independently. After graduation, our students can plan on holding a paying job, with the skills and training to live on their own with minimal assistance.

Disability Services Gets Real Results
Graduating from high school usually means moving on to college or a job. For young adults with disabilities, that is not always an option and Disability Services can be a real and welcome alternative.

We’re proud of the results of our program, which was established in 1974. Our graduates achieve their personal level of independence – they hold jobs, live in their own apartments, ride buses wherever they want to go.

Our Center for Higher Independence provides a campus experience where young adults with disabilities learn to take responsibility for their lives. They manage tasks of daily living in a way they never dreamed possible – shopping and cooking for themselves, cleaning their homes, managing their money – and open up bright new futures for themselves.

Oasis Home and Legacy
Oasis Home is an intermediate care facility that acts as a transition option for Disability Services graduates who may require some additional independent living training. During their time at Oasis Home, residents continue to develop the skills that they learned from Disability Services : job-readiness, money management, decision making, and independent living. In this supportive, safe environment, Oasis Home residents are able to receive individualized training objectives, continuing education classes, in-home medical care, and focused one-on-one teaching to help obtain their goals.