Considering International and Domestic Adoption

Couples considering adoption are faced with many decisions about which type of adoption is the best fit for their new family.

Among many other choices, adoptive parents must choose to adopt a child either domestically or internationally. With such an important decision to make, it is essential for adoptive couples to understand all available options and considerations in order to make the most informed decision possible.

In a domestic adoption, the adopted child is already a U.S. citizen. There are many options possible when considering a domestic adoption. A couple can either work with a licensed adoption agency or choose a private adoption through a physician, attorney, or adoption facilitator. Couples who choose a domestic adoption must also consider whether an open or closed adoption is best for the child and the family circumstances. Domestic adoptions may also occur within a state (intrastate) or between states (interstate).

International adoption involves taking in a child with a different nationality or citizenship than the adoptive parents. Because international adoption involves immigration, adoptive parents work with the Department of State as well as U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in order to arrange for the child to be adopted and become a United States citizen. International adoption is becoming more common; the Department of State reports that over 11,000 children from other countries were adopted by Americans in 2010.

International adoption has a unique set of possibilities and concerns. First, it involves selecting a country and culture from which to adopt a child. International adoption also involves travel and learning about a different part of the world. Another thing to consider is that children from particular countries or regions may have special medical needs unique to that area. International adoption is also unique in that singles, as well as married couples, are able to apply to become adoptive parents.

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