What to Consider When Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be very difficult, especially for young women and teenagers facing an unplanned pregnancy. There are many ideas rushing through your head, and it can be overwhelming at times. Regardless of age or background, you might not be ready to become a mother.

It is incredibly important to know and understand your options before you make any life-changing decisions. Here are three important factors to consider if you are facing an unplanned pregnancy.


Having and raising a baby is expensive, though some expectant mothers might not realize just how much it costs. According to a report in 2010 by the USDA, parents spend $12,000 in the first year of the baby’s life, and the number has increased since then.

A baby needs everything from food to clothes to medical care, all of which add up quickly. It can be harmful for a baby if he or she does not get access to these essentials. Women who choose to raise their babies on their own need to make sure they have a reliable source of income to cover these costs. Many young women who are not financially able to support a baby consider placing the baby for adoption to help ensure their baby gets everything they need to be healthy.

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Some women place their child for adoption because they do not want to raise the baby as a young single mother. It can be very difficult to go to school and work while raising a child if you do not have someone else there to help support you.

Make sure to take your family into consideration. Will you have a partner to help you? Relatives willing to lend a hand when you need it? Take time to consider your situation and how you will be able to care for the baby before making your final decision.


Even if you have the money and the means to have a child, it all means very little if you are not ready. Motherhood can be a wonderful, beautiful experience, but you need to be sure you are ready for the responsibility of raising a child. You need to be confident in your ability to provide and care for another life, and many young women or teenagers are simply not ready for this life-changing role yet. Placing a baby for adoption is a difficult decision to make, but it is crucial that you do what you believe will be best for your baby and yourself.

Remember that you do not have to go through a pregnancy alone. Find a local adoption agency that offers birth mother services to help you through this time. Many adoption agencies will offer counseling and support services, as well as prenatal healthcare service to keep you and your baby healthy. After considering your options and speaking with experts, you will be able to make the best decision for your situation.

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