CHI Student Receives Recognition for Service

It’s not every day that one of our Center for Higher Independence graduates receives the President’s Volunteer Service Award. Our very own Daniel Fleischmann was awarded the honor this year thanks to all the volunteer work he has been doing in the past 4 years. The award recognizes over 50 hours of Daniel’s volunteer work and includes a commendation from President Obama.

A graduate of our CHI program and now living in our on-campus transitional home Oasis, Daniel currently volunteers for the Witte Museum. Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, Daniel and his family moved to Texas when he was 7 years old. He has been living in the Alamo city for four years and enrolled in the Center for Higher Independence (CHI) in August of 2011. Through the opportunities provided by the CHI program, Daniel was able to volunteer in the San Antonio Food Bank and the Witte Museum.
The award, according to the President’s Volunteer Service Award website, is meant “to encourage more individuals to embody the spirit of volunteerism that makes this country so great.” Through his volunteer work, Daniel has truly felt what it’s like to live a life of service. He’s enthusiastic about his job, about teaching other people what the museum has to offer, about interacting with people, and about learning something new every day.
After volunteering for about 2 years, his favorite things about working at the Witte Museum include, “the family-like culture, being able to interact with the visitors, being able to upsell aspects of the museum, and learning about the Southwestern culture.” His supervisor, Johanna Rosales, said, “Daniel is fantastic. Can’t imagine him not being here.” He has been able to learn valuable job skills such as customer service and sales that can undoubtedly be implemented into a retail environment.
Daniel volunteers for the Witte Museum every Tuesday and Thursday from 9AM to 5PM and highly recommends Free Tuesdays from 3PM to 8PM. He is grateful that through Providence Place and CHI he was able to find the opportunity to develop his skills while helping a local institution.
Things are only looking bright for Daniel. His confidence and perseverance will surely lead him wherever he wants to go.

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