Advantages of Using an Adoption Agency


As someone considering adoption in San Antonio, one of the choices you will need to make will be whether to pursue private adoption (whereby you utilize the services of an attorney to arrange an adoption directly with a birth mother) or use the services of an adoption agency. While there are pros and cons to each option, choosing an adoption agency such as Providence Place offers many benefits that will make your adoption process easier.


Pre-Adoption Counseling

An advantage of using one of the adoption agencies in Texas is that these agencies usually provide extensive pre-adoption counseling to birth parents, adoptive couples, and sometimes the children being adopted. This counseling emotionally and practically prepares everyone involved so that they can more confidently navigate the adoption process. This counseling is often provided by social workers employed by the agency
Pre-adoption counseling for birth parents gives them the support and guidance they need to work through their feelings regarding placing their child for adoption. This counseling also helps them to understand the implications of doing so. As a result, birth mothers complete the process of placing their children for adoption at a higher rate than do birth mothers who engage in a private adoption process.
These counseling services also include extensive education for prospective adoptive families. Typically, this counseling includes instructing families regarding the responsibilities of adopting a child. Older children being adopted may also receive counseling to prepare them for the transitions that adoption will bring.
The result of such thorough counseling and educational services are that the birth parents, adoptive families, and the adoptive children themselves are better equipped to successfully navigate the adoption process. This preparation allows birth parents to feel more informed regarding their choice to place their child for adoption, and allows adoptive families to face the challenges and joys of the adoption process with greater calm and confidence.

Availability of Information

Adoptive families of children in San Antonio also enjoy greater access to information when they work through an adoption agency. When you engage in a private adoption, you may find yourself lacking pieces of background information that would be helpful as you raise your child (such as medical information) or that would be helpful in allowing your child to work through their thoughts and feelings about their adoption as they grow older. When you use an agency to complete your adoption, however, you gain access too much of this information, especially if you engage in an open adoption.
The adoption agency is capable not only of obtaining important information such as medical, genetic, and social histories, but also of providing a way to store that information for the long term. As a result, you can access medical, legal, and other relevant information at any time as you raise your child. This stored information can serve as a reassuring and useful presence whenever you or your child encounters questions as they grow. Typically, all that is required to access these services is to submit a request and payment to the agency.

Assistance with Adoption Details

One role of an adoption agency is assistance with the many details that an adoption entails. While an attorney can also help you understand the laws that apply to your adoption and walk you through details such as paperwork, the aid provided by the adoption agency typically extends even further. By choosing to work through one of these agencies, you gain access to an array of resources that can make your adoption process far less confusing and that can assist you in navigating any challenges you face. For instance, this type of adoption organization can make professionals such as social workers available to you as you navigate home inspections, encounter questions and fears that require counseling, and otherwise face situations that require extra guidance than you could obtain from a lawyer alone.
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Post-Adoption Services

All adoptive families, whether in San Antonio, TX, or elsewhere, face the possibility that they will have adoption-related needs that extend beyond the completion of the adoption. Their adopted children may begin to ask questions about their past that the adoptive parents cannot answer. They or their children may wish to contact the birth parents. An illness may give rise to questions about the medical history of the child and his or her parents. The stresses of navigating the thoughts and feelings that come with processing the adoption may leave their child in need of supportive counseling.
Regardless of the need, or of when it arises, an adoption agency can provide resources to meet them. For instance, by maintaining detailed records, the agency can provide information to guide parents in making medical decisions for their adopted children. The agency may also be able to offer counseling for the adoptive family or the adopted child at any point during their childhood. Access to these post-adoption services can be invaluable, leaving adoptive families with a sense of security and a feeling that they are being cared for throughout the entirety of their adoption journey.
Choosing how to go about your adoption does not have to be as overwhelming as it may initially seem. Choosing an adoption agency that can assist you in the process of completing your adoption is a choice that can provide you with practical, legal, emotional, and tangible benefits. From education and counseling to post-adoption services, the adoption agency is capable of supporting you throughout the adoption process and even beyond.

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