Adoption in America: A Look Into Why We Adopt

adoption in americaFrom the journey of personal growth to showing unequivocal love for a child, Americans have shown great compassion and selflessness through the process of adoption. While an interest in adoption has always been present in contemporary American families, few couples take action to be a part of this blessed experience. More often than not, we consider awareness to be as effective as actually acting out to complete a task or cause a change. Learning why we adopt or should adopt is an important step toward the adoption process.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reported that 115,000 children were in foster care in 2010.  There are a variety of adoption services available to help those interested in adopting a child, including adoption seminars that educate couples with information about adoption and all of the work that the adoption process entails.

Despite the abundant services offered by various adoption organizations, relatively very few people take

action by adopting a child. In 2002, the National Survey of Family Growth noted that only about 1.1% of women between the ages of 18 to 44 had actually fulfilled the adoption process. As a society, we are sympathetic toward adoption but only a few of these resolve to take concrete steps toward adoption.

Some potential adoptive couples have a plethora of concerns including a general anxiety about the adoption process. There is also a long waiting period for all the information and tests to be processed, which can take up to two years. Despite these bumps in the road, the path of adoption and the overwhelmingly positive impact that an adoptive couple can have on a child far outweigh the fear of taking on the adoption process. Because of the care and concern that we innately hold for children and their well being, many Americans have seriously considered adoption services. While awareness of adoption and its benefits have grown in recent years, many American couples considering adoption are hesitant to take even the first steps in the adoption process. Adoptive couples can ease their worries by contacting adoption services or agencies and being open about any and all questions that they may have regarding adoption.

Americans may feel compassion for people in need and act selflessly to help others who need a hand. But in regards to adoption, the general feeling of sympathy is great, but few have had the courage to take action. While many Americans consider adoption, very few take the process seriously and even fewer actually take steps to begin the adoption process. We must educate ourselves further in the adoption process by continuously asking questions of adoptive couples and adoption agencies. Only when we completely understand what is involved in adoption and the overwhelming benefits of the experience can we wholeheartedly share a parental love with an adopted child.

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