Adoption for One: Single Parent Adoption

When we discuss adoption, we often focus on adoptive couples and how they can welcome and care for a child appropriately. Many adoption services and adoption organizations seek out couples to adopt a child who is looking for a new home and a promising future. However, there is rarely any discussion of single men or women considering adoption. Because we often associate adoption programs and procedures with adoptive couples, we begin to alienate the group of single people hoping to adopt a child. In recent years, single-parent adoption has grown significantly in the United States. Life as a parent, single or with a spouse, requires the utmost care and attention to family and family values. For married and single people alike, the process of adoption creates an unwavering, loving commitment that can change your life.

The primary focus of the adoption process, and post-adoption parenthood, is the child. Single or married, anyone who wants to adopt a child through an adoption service is eligible to do so if they fill out the proper forms and go through a home study. The fact remains that the time it takes to go through the required procedures of adoption yields a lifetime of prosperity and joy that only a child could invoke. It’s engrained in our human psyche to want to be a parent or care about a person enough to affect their lives. No matter what your relationship status may be, adoption is a process that can enrich your life in a way that only the experience of parenthood can.

Whether you are in a relationship or a single man or woman looking for a blessed adventure, adoption is a way to experience a love that only a parent and child can share. It is a bond that is irreplaceable and an essential step towards securing your legacy. After the formal adoption process is completed and you live with and care for your child, you will be a significant influence in their life. Caring and tending to a child’s wants and needs on a daily basis, parenthood is a commitment that is unparalleled by any experience during a person’s adult life with a lifetime of prosperity and love in return.

Adopting a child is an important decision that requires much careful consideration. Are you contemplating adoption or are you already planning to adopt a child? Do you have any idea about how or where to start? Providence Place will guide you through the adoption process while making sure all your questions are. Providence Place offers adoption services for birth mothers, birth fathers, adoptive families for children, and adoptees. They also provide supportive services, post adoption services, and much more. Providence Place is a national leader in open adoptions. Visit today to learn more about adopting a child.


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