Adoption Costs in Texas

If you are considering adoption in San Antonio, or elsewhere in Texas, you may wonder how much the adoption will cost, or have concerns about how to pay for those expenses. Understanding what fees to expect and knowing your options for financial assistance may help to alleviate your concerns and allow you to more confidently pursue adoption. The adoption cost in Texas varies from agency to agency and adoption to adoption. However, fees generally fall into reliable ranges, and adoption assistance is often available. Following is an overview of the fee ranges and assistance options available for each type of adoption.


Adoption costs

Adoption Cost in Texas for Older Child Adoption

Adopting an older child through the foster care system is the least expensive of the types of adoption available in Texas. These adoptions occur through the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS), and are sometimes facilitated through one of the adoption agencies in Texas, such as Providence Place.

Fee Ranges

These adoptions typically cost only a couple hundred dollars when completed with the assistance of an agency, and they sometimes cost nothing. The expenses usually include the fees associated with a home study, paperwork, criminal background checks, and legal services.

Adoption Assistance

The fees for an older child adoption can be defrayed through assistance available through the Texas DFPS. This assistance takes a number of forms. For instance, parents may be reimbursed up to $1,500 for their adoption expenses as long as the child they are adopting is not white and younger than six years old. In addition, if parents adopt siblings or minorities, they may also receive reimbursement for their legal expenses. Families who adopt special needs children out of the foster care system may also receive reimbursement for qualified adoption expenses.

To help families keep legal costs down, the state also provides a listing of attorneys who are willing to assist adoptive families with the legal aspects of the adoption. Finally, families may sometimes also receive monthly support for children they adopt, as well as receive medical insurance for those children.

In addition, adoptive families of any child, whether a foster care child, an infant adopted domestically, or an internationally adopted child, can take advantage of the federal adoption tax credit of more than $13,000.

Adoption Cost in Texas for Infant Domestic Adoption

Infant domestic adoption, as its name indicates, is the adoption of an infant in the United States. These adoptions may be completed in Texas through either a private adoption, whereby the services of an attorney are used to locate a birth mother and finalize the adoption, or an adoption agency such as Providence Place.

Fee Ranges

Infant domestic adoption is generally more expensive than is older child adoption. In general, private adoptions run between $14,000 and $35,000, though $20,000 to $30,000 is average. For infant adoptions that are facilitated by an adoption agency, the costs usually run between $25,000 and $30,000, though expenses could run upwards of $40,000.

These fees include the same expenses as those incurred through older child adoption: Home studies, paperwork, criminal background checks, and legal fees. However, there are other expenses associated with infant domestic adoption that do not occur with older child adoption. For instance, adoptive families usually cover all of the birth mother’s medical expenses. They also pay for the expertise of social workers and staff at the adoption agency who offer the pre- and post-adoption counseling and who help to facilitate the legal termination of parental rights. Finally, these fees cover the operational costs of the agency.

 Adoption Assistance

While these adoptions are not usually eligible for state reimbursement or monthly support, they are eligible for the federal tax credit. There are also a number of organizations in Texas, such as the Buescher Foundation or God’s Grace Adoption Ministry, that provide adoption grants to help defray the cost of adoption in Texas.

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Adoption Cost in Texas for International Adoption

International adoption, also known as intercountry adoption, entails the adoption of a child from another country. There are many countries from which adoptive couples can choose.

Fee ranges

The adoption cost in Texas for international adoption varies significantly from adoption to adoption, depending primarily upon the country from which the child is adopted. In addition, delays and other obstacles can increase the overall cost. In general, however, the expense of undertaking intercountry adoption in San Antonio or elsewhere in Texas ranges from $25,000 to $50,000.

As with other types of adoption, these fees cover a home study, legal fees, and paperwork. However, some of these fees are more expensive then when incurred for a domestic adoption. In addition, international adoption may cost a bit more than domestic adoption, because adoptive couples also pay for travel expenses to the country, and for court fees and other expenses within their child’s native country.

Adoption Assistance

As with other types of adoption, adoptive couples can take advantage of the federal tax credit and adoption grants in order to defray some of the expenses of their international adoption.

Adoption Cost in Texas for Embryo Adoption

Embryo adoption is the process of adopting some of the embryos that are currently stored frozen and unused in the United States. Families who have these frozen embryos donate them to an embryo adoption program, where they are adopted by another family. The couple then has the opportunity to carry the embryos to term and give birth to the child they have adopted.

Fee ranges

Embryo adoption tends to be relatively inexpensive. Many of these adoptions run less than $10,000. The fees associated with these adoptions cover the application process, the matching of the family with the embryos, the creation of legal contracts, and the shipping of the embryos to the adopted family. The home study fees and the cost of transferring the embryos are extra.

Adoption Assistance

There are very few assistance programs that apply to couples who are pursuing embryo adoption.

The adoption cost in Texas depends upon the type of adoption you wish to pursue. However, whether you spend tens of thousands of dollars on an adoption, or nothing at all, the adoption process gives you the chance to grow your family by giving a permanent and loving home to a child who needs you.

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