How Adoption Changed Megan’s Life

samuel and megan-compressedWhen 22 year old Megan found out she was expecting, she was living on the streets, with no job, no car and no way to support herself. She was frightened and needed help. She moved in with a family, praying to God every night, hoping to find a solution.

“I considered parenting at first because it seemed to be the only option,” said Megan. “But deep down I knew that it was something I couldn’t do. I wasn’t ready, I was homeless and I couldn’t support myself. How would I support my baby? I was lost. It was a very hard time in my life.”

She found the strength to talk to her grandparents. Megan’s grandfather was a Methodist minister and had heard of Providence Place through church. He knew they could talk freely with the adoption counselor about Megan’s different options.

After meeting with the Providence Place adoption counselor and after much thought and prayers, Megan decided to place her child. She moved to the temporary housing on campus for birth mothers. “It took some adjustments to move there,” said Megan. “I never had a curfew nor did I ever need to follow rules.  It was very different from living on the streets that’s for sure.”

During her stay, she met some new friends, went to counseling and had weekly dinners with Chaplain Carol Williams.  Megan felt supported and loved. For the first time in a long time, she had some guidance and felt encouraged to find a job and to work on herself.

After a few months, it was time for her to pick her family. She studied 10 to 12 family profiles and met with three or four families. One day, she met her child’s family. She was very comfortable with Chris and Jamie and she knew she could talk to them. They had already happily adopted two children and knew a great deal about the adoption process. After praying and thinking about it, she knew she was making the right decision and they would be great parents for her baby.

Megan gave birth to her baby, Samuel, a year ago. Since placement, Megan has had updates from Jamie and Chris on a regular basis: they exchange emails, talk on the phone, and share pictures. Last November, they went on a family trip to San Marcos to the Aquarena Center, where they took a tour on a glass-bottom boat. Last time she saw Samuel was a month ago. She saw him walk and wobble up stairs for the first time.

With new perspective, Megan thinks her pregnancy was a wake-up call. Since the adoption placement, she found the strength and motivation to turn her life around. She lives in an apartment, works at a nursery and has been in a steady relationship for over a year. From time to time, she works up to 16 hours a day.

For Megan, her choice to place was the best for her child. She didn’t want to force him into a difficult environment which living with her at the time would have been. Chris and Jamie were already prepared.  Megan completely trusts them to give her child parenting, education, comfort and security. Megan, for her part, is growing and becoming a responsible adult by moving forward with her life.

“My advice to birth moms is: everything is going to be okay; find two or three people who will support you and help you go through it, so lean on them, and pray,” said Megan. “Talk to people, don’t shut yourself in.’”

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