A Blessing From Above

Peggy and Justis say son Samuel was well worth the wait

February 2012

Peggy and Justis February 2012Yearning for a child with heartfelt desire requires a strong faith to not give up when confronting obstacles and challenges. Peggy and Justis came to this realization during their adoption journey with Methodist Mission Home (MMH). They firmly believed God would pull them through.

Both from Central Texas, Peggy and Justis always knew they wanted to have a family and after 5 years of marriage they decided to learn more about adoption.  Upon a friend’s recommendation, they attended an Adoption Seminar hosted by MMH and it was there that they had all their questions answered.

After a year and a half of preparation, Peggy and Justis felt they were ready to commit to adoption and submitted their application to MMH.  Soon after completing their home study and family profile they were picked to interview with a birthmother. Though not chosen, they appreciated the experience. “Although we weren’t chosen it helped us better understand the process,” Justis shared.

Peggy and Justis always maintained faith and never lost hope thanks to their love for one another and the support of family and friends. This faith would again play an important role in their journey several months later.

“In our 10th month with MMH, we were chosen to parent a little girl, but the placement did not end up happening.” As heartbroken as they were, they pulled through and knew when the time was right, they would be blessed with the child God meant to be theirs.

On September 2nd, 2011 Peggy and Justis received an unexpected call from

MMH.  A baby boy had been born and the birthmother had chosen them as his parents. “Our emotions were off the charts, as there were many things to be sorted through before we could officially begin believing this was real,” Justis explained.

Having met Samuel’s birthmother two days after he was born, they treasured the moment and prayerfully hope she remains in Samuel’s life. “We assured her Samuel would be loved by many and we would be there for him in every way possible, loving him unconditionally.” Peggy shared.

Although from day one, Peggy and Justis wanted to bring Samuel home with them, Samuel had to live with a foster family for a period of time for the process to finalize. “We were able to visit him at the foster home and were greatly touched by the foster parents. The love and warmth they gave to Samuel the first month of his life will play a large part of who he will become.”

Above the cradle Samuel slept in while at the foster home, there hung a cross which read, I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him (Samuel 1:27). “When deciding our baby’s name, we saw this cross and taking into account the middle name his birthmother gave him, we knew his name was meant to be Samuel David,” Peggy shared.

It was Peggy’s birthday, October 4th, 2011, when Samuel came home to live with his new parents. Now 5 months old they look back on their adoption journey as a blessing.  The experience has helped them realize what is truly important in life and confirmed that faith and family is what pulls you through every time.

“There isn’t a finer organization to work with than MMH. They truly care about everyone involved,” Peggy and Justis added.

It goes without saying they faced many obstacles on their journey but as they emphasized, “things worthwhile do not come easy” and in their case Samuel was worth the challenge and every second of the wait.

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