The 2014 Outlook for Adoption

Many wonderful things have happened in the past few months, which have inspired even greater hope and optimism that more children will be adopted in 2014. Here are three things that we hope to see in 2014:

More Adoptions

Last year, National Adoption Day saw a record 4,500 adoptions, including many here in Texas. Over the years over 45,000 children have been adopted on this day, an amazing number that was only achieved with the support of the loving families that gave those children new homes. With this rate, we hope this year will be even better and more foster children will be adopted.

International adoption is still on the decline, as previous popular countries, such as China and Russia, want to encourage their own domestic adoption. While this is a problem for many looking to bring in a child, it is also an opportunity for families to consider domestic adoption and give children right here in the United States a good home. With the number of foster children in the US, finding the new member of your family can be done here at home. As for 2014, international adoption does not seem to be a strong method, and domestic adoption is more encouraged.

Donations and Support

According to the numbers, Giving Tuesday – the online event dedicated to encouraging charitable donations on the day following Cyber Monday – saw a 90% increase in giving. Described as the “answer” to heavy shopping-oriented days such as Black Friday, Giving Tuesday spread its word online through social media and promoted donations to many non-profits. Many of these donations were to adoption agencies with staff and volunteers who work tirelessly to help children get the support they need. Giving Tuesday’s numbers have increased with each year, and we can only hope that next year will be even bigger for nonprofits in Texas.

Dealing with the Issues

There are still many issues that need to be addressed, however. Too many children are aging out of the foster care system, which is when a foster child becomes an adult and independent. These young adults do not always have someone who can help them transition into higher education or the workforce, or even help them live on their own, resulting in many becoming homeless or unemployed. Many campaigns are working to make sure children that turn eighteen are given the right help and aid so they can become successful adults, though there is still work to be done.

This past year has seen countless wonderful events with all signs pointing towards an even better 2014.  It is through the work of caring men and women that children are adopted into loving homes or given help when they age out of the system. The rise of donations and assistance we have seen this last year points towards a bright and loving New Year.

About Providence Place

Providence Place of San Antonio, Texas is a nonprofit organization offering domestic, international, older child and embryo adoption services, vocational training for adults with disabilities and working with other nonprofit organizations in the San Antonio area. To learn more about the work they do or to schedule a tour of their 25-acre campus, please contact us today.


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